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Abhijit Roy 

He started his career in 2001 as a Teaching Faculty with one of the leading Animation Training School in India. Moving from one school to another to find the right teaching environment that considered spreading knowledge to be more important than earning money, he was chronically disappointed with every school he worked for. He then got picked up by the Alias reseller for Maya in India, Rahul Commerce, in 2003. This is when his career really started growing. During his time in RC, he got trained by the very people (engineers) who created the software. He worked as a Demo Artist and Technical support Engineer for Maya and travelled all over India, conducting Seminars, Workshops and Classroom based training. His travels took him from Seminars at ITC Sheraton, Chennai, to teaching the students of IIT Kanpur, from conducting demos to helping clients make upgrade decisions for Maya. He also got his first international experience here as he travelled to Bangkok to undergo training and certification as an Alias Certified Application Engineer (AE). Following which he traveled all over India launching Maya 6 in cities like, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

Soon, better opportunity pulled him overseas to Dubai in 2004. He got picked up by MediaSysDubai. With the same job profile but a bigger international playground (entire GCC and Egypt), he grew radically as a software technician. His range of skills also enlarged, with Motionbuilder, ZBrush, Realflow and many more softwares. During his time there, he got to travel to Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, providing technical support and participating in Trade shows, expos etc. He worked closely with various broadcast studios, like Condor, Realimage, Filmworks and TV stations, like, Dubai TV, MBC, CNBC, Sharjah TV. He also launched Maya 7.0 in Dubai.

He returned to India again after 2 years in 2006 to try to see if the education system had improved. He again worked with various organizations, but to his dismay, it was still the same. All the firms he worked with wanted to make money, no one wants to spread quality education. One bad experience followed another till finally he decided to move to production. This time was for a leading Motion Capture Studio in Hyderabad, Mobility Art Studios in 2007. He worked there as a Team-Lead and Motion Capture Performer / Actor. He worked on major gaming projects for megaton clients like, House of Moves, Electronic Arts, THQ, Rocksteady, Eidos and simulation project for the U.S. Government.

He again exited the country in 2008 to follow further studies overseas. This time he moved to Canada to undergo a Digital Character Animation course with Vancouver Film School. He also got trained in advanced Motion Capture Techniques at EA Mocap, Vancouver.

He came back to India in 2009 and started working for Reliance Media Works (Digital Media Imaging Limited) as a Senior Trainer and VFX Lead for Post Production and 3D Stereo Dimensionalization / Conversion. He worked in association with a California-based Studio – InThree, to hire, train and lead VFX artist in the process of converting 2D movies into Stereo 3D for various Hollywood studios.

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