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Besides the work done in his Professional Career, he also does a tonna creative dabbling in his free time. From creating Pencil Sketches, to Human Anatomy basics, to Storyboarding, to Photography, to 3D Animation, to creating Promotional Videos for his friends and clients, he's done it all in his Creative Gamut.

Abhi's Sketchbooks (2D Artwork) -

Concept Design for Artists:

Concept Design is the part of a Production Pipeline where all the Sets and Props for the movie are created. To become a good Concept Design Artist, it is mandatory to master the Principles of Perspective Drawing and Value Shading.
Video -  

Human Anatomy for Artists:

Study of Anatomy of the Human Figure is necessary to become a good Character Design Artist. In-depth knowledge of the Skeletal and Muscular Systems of the Human Body is mandatory for this part of the Production Pipeline.
Album -  Study of The Human Anatomy

Video -

Gesture Drawing for Artists:

One must also master the art of Posing the characters designed for the movie. This will give ExpressionLife and Weight to the characters. Gesture Drawing Techniques help the Artist in mastering appropriate Posture for the character based on the design, along with Direct & Indirect Lighting and Drapery.
Album -  Study of Posing Characters

Video -


Here's a buncha Pencil Sketches finished to Final Render, done utilizing the Human Anatomy and Gesture Drawing Techniques. Ranges from Renaissance style to Contemporary to simple Line Art with and without Drapery.
AlbumFinished Pencil Renders


Storyboarding is the Visual Technique of Storytelling. A good Storyboard Artist must know Perspective DrawingHuman AnatomyGesture Drawing as well as PhotographyCamera Aesthetics  and Frame Composition. Here's a buncha Shot Frames.
AlbumShot Framing

3D Character -

This Character was designed by a good friend, on paper, before it was recreated in 3D using Autodesk Maya. The Modeling was done using Polygons and NURBSTexture Painting was done in Adobe Photoshop and mapped onto the 3D Model using UV Unwrapping. The Stretchy Rig was created using Maya's inbuilt Skeletal System, Kinematics (Forward & Inverse) and Splines to create the Animation Controls. Finally the Cartoon Rendered look was achieved in Mental Ray for Maya. Below are a few basic Animation Tests done for the Character.
Animations -
Simple Walk Cycle
First Variation on Simple Walk -
Second Variation on Simple Walk -
Third Variation on Simple Walk -
Double Bounce -

Abhi's Photography -

He claims to be a Walk-Around Photographer. That simply means that he clicks Photos of anything that looks interesting to him, while walking around this gorgeous Planet of ours. Like one of his Guru's said, quote, "Photography is not about looking at different things, it's about looking at things differently". Well, he uses a Canon EOS 600D for the said looking business. Below are a few samples of somethings he looked differently at.
AlbumRandom Clicks 

Alias Maya Application Engineer -

During his long and illustrious run around the World, he did get a chance to work as an Alias Certified Application Engineer for Maya, conducting TrainingSeminars and Software Launches along with representing the softwares in Trade Expos. Here's a small slideshow of his travels.

Motion Capture Shoot -

During one short stint, he got to work in the Gaming Industry. This time round it was the fascinating World of Motion Capture or MoCap. Not only did he work as a Motion Solving Artist and Team Lead,  but he also had the pleasure of performing for some of the shoots as an Performance Capture Actor. Here's a small clip showing the journey from Capture to Retargeting.
Video -

Wadia College Seminar -

He also conducted awareness Campaigns about the Animation Industry and the Production Pipeline, at various Colleges and Seminars. Here's a slideshow of one such Seminars conducted at Wadia College, Pune.
Video -

Nuke Training at Deluxe Digital Studios -

More often then not, he's been a part of Software Training in his career. In fact training has been the biggest part of most of the jobs that he found himself in. On one such occasion he got to conduct Corporate Training as a Vendor for a Pune based VFX and 3D Stereo Conversion Studio called 'Deluxe Digital Studios'. Here's a small slideshow of the Photo-shoot with the Trainees and their Team Lead Jimmy Clark of StereoD.
Video -

Freelance Projects (videos) for Clients -

Following are a buncha tiny Projects he undertook for Clients and Friends on a Freelance basis:

Christmas Party - This one was a VFX project for his good friend Scott Dickson. He contributed for Rotoscopy and Paint.
Reggie Music Video - Again for Scott, this time only Rotoscopy.
Drums - Product Visualization for a Vancouver based client. 3D ModelingTexturing, Camera Animation and Rendering for their Product.

Spirometry - This one is called Medical Visualization for the process of Spirometry for Cipla.

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